PTFE Enveloped Gasket

PTFE Enveloped Gasket
Product Details

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Thanks to high stability of virgin PTFE, which is used for the envelope, exhibits extraondinary chemical resistance. Combinations of insert materials allow a large number of different applications.

Insert Material: Sonseal CNAF, Rubber, Stainless Steel.
Envelope Material: Virgin PTFE

The PTFE envelope for gaskets with maximum external diameter of up to 500mm are made in one piece. For gaskets with greater diameters they are welded. Oval shapes of PTFE envelopes are welded. There are no limitations regarding sizes for gaskets with welded envelopes.


Style Y 

Machined PTFE-envelope, normally with only one insert. For uncritical applications with low temperature and low pressure. Insert at custmer's option

Style UR
This style is for demanding applications. No notch-effect at inner diameter. These PTFE-envelopes can be fitted with various inserts or insert combinations. Larger diameter are produced in welded construction

Style UE

This style is for TG or MF flanges, enable to decrease liquid stagnation at flange bore part