Rubber Gaskets And Elastomers

Rubber Gaskets And Elastomers
Product Details

LOCKSEAL FEP Encapsulated Gaskets 


  TECSON LOCKSEAL silicone or FKM gaskets for camlock couplings, encapsulated with FEP, are designed for use with practically all chemicals, even in the toughest corrosive environments. These gaskets combine the best qualities of two materials to form a superior seal: Elastomer as the core for resilience, and FEP on the outside for chemical resistance. Not an envelope gasket, the elastomeric core of every LOCKSEAL gasket is fully encased. 


  Excellent Chemical Resistance. FEP is chemically inert to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents, even at elevated temperatures and pressures - Resiliency. Elastomeric cores provide an assured tight seal - Nonstick Surface.  Almost all substances release easily so cleanup is easier   Universal Seal. Handles practically any fluid. Eliminates matching the myriad elastomeric formulations with a specific requirement - Sanitary. Eliminates contamination associated with elastomeric gaskets. 


  LOCKSEAL Gaskets provide a superior seal for any bulk liquid transfer in manufacturing, distribution or storage. 

-Chemical Processing:

-Cosmetic Industry: 

-Petroleum Industry:


-Bulk Liquid Transfer  

Supply Specification:

Core Materials   Silicone - Ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverage   applications. (Available in red or white)  

FKM - Ideal for overall chemical resistance. 

Encapsulation   Solid 0.5mm wall of virgin FEP   

Temperature Resistance:

FEP & silicone  -60°  to + 205°C 

FEP & FKM      -60°  to + 205°C